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Is Starbucks Reduced Fat Coffee Cake good for you?

The undisputed king in the world of coffee, Starbucks has now successfully entered into the world of cakes and cookies. Serving some delicious cakes and siders, it is a perfect outlet for casual meetings. The brand has grown along with its customers, and today has a vast range of items in the menu, so that there is something for everyone. If someone wants to have some delicious cold coffee or if someone doesn’t want to cheat in his weight loss journey, but still wants to have a delicious cake, Starbucks is the place to be!

Starbucks Reduced Fat Coffee Cake will have you hooked in a mere few bites, with the soft-baked cake that will melt inside your mouth releasing the layer of rich coffee inside. it is the perfect cake for you if you love the flavor of coffee and chocolate.

Starbucks Reduced Fat Coffee Cake
Starbucks Reduced Fat Coffee Cake

It is one of the prized possessions of Starbucks as customers keep coming back for more. With good quality chocolate and flour being used as the primary ingredients, you can be stress free while munching on some delicious cake. It is low in fat  which is the main selling point of this cake as people can freely

Starbucks offers its customers a range of cakes starting from plain ones to more extravagant options and believes in serving its customers with the best quality items possible. And keeping the trend of health consciousness in mind, they have started to reduce the percentage of added sugar to their items by almost 25%.

Health benefits:

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Starbucks Reduced Fat Coffee Cakeis unlike any other cake you will find, as most of the ingredients like milk and chocolate are packed with nutrients. One studysuggests that consuming chocolatecan help in reducing cholesterol. Several Research, suggestthat having chocolate can help lower the risk of heart disease by a huge margin.Chocolate consumption could be linked to a lower risk of cardiometabolic disorders.

The ingredients used by Starbucks are of great quality. It is better than packaged cake available in the market and is healthy compared to a lot of other options.

But at the end of the day we must remember, a person going into starbucks will not be thinking about the calories gained or the health implications, he or she only wants to have a good experience and enjoy their food. Hence we believe while considering items likeStarbucks Reduced Fat Coffee Cake, we must go a little a easy on ourselves and enjoy the delicious cake. You can also try out Starbucks Mocha Latte 2% – Short/Tall.

Nutritional value of Starbucks Reduced Fat Coffee Cake:

Keeping aside the taste, Starbucks Reduced Fat Coffee Cake has little to no effect on the health if consumed under check. Its milk content serves you a good amount of protein and calcium. Due to Its high calorie per serving ratio, it falls under the high calorie density food bracket.  As a whole it is a delicious item and is a must try for all.

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