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3 Reasons Why We Love Open-World Video Games

Open-world video games have become a staple of the industry in recent years. These open-ended, open-world games offer us freedom and open-endedness within the constraints of what is, by necessity of the medium, an extremely limited set of possible actions.

The list of verbs these open world games or open world survival games provide (predominantly violent ones) is minuscule in comparison to the options you would face in similar real life situations. Yet we can’t get enough! In this article I will explore three reasons why open world video games are so satisfying for gamers like myself.

Video games are fun. The fact that you can go anywhere and do anything is what makes them so addicting, especially when they’re open-world! There’s never a dull moment in an open world game with all the different paths to take. Not only this but it also allows for more freedom as opposed to linear video games where things happen one way at a time until you hit the end of the story line which usually leaves players feeling dissatisfied or bored after completion.

Reasons Why We Love Open-World Video Games

Reason #01: The open-endedness of open world games allow you to discover or create your own story. This is especially satisfying for people who like a good challenge and want to really explore the game’s mechanics in order to truly master it.

There’s nothing better than being able to go out and create your own story with no restrictions.

Reason #02: The open-endedness of open world games also allows for the player to play how they want without feeling completely useless or inferior because you’re playing a certain way. It is very easy in open world video games for players to try different tactics, pick their favorite weapons, be stealthy or run head first into battle as opposed to linear style video game where there are limitations on what can happen due to constraints imposed by the developer.

Many people enjoy open-world survival games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) which allow them explore vast landscapes while scavenging for resources such as food and water.

Reason #03: In open-world survival games, there is a tension between the freedom to explore an expansive world and the pressure to gather resources for staying alive. Then add on top of this the hunger and health systems that force you to eat, drink, or do something else every three minutes with your inventory close at hand, or you die. Survival games mix these elements together into one frenetic blend that keeps us addicted for hours on end.

An open-game world video game is simply a video game which takes place in an open environment traditionally populated by large numbers of non-player characters representing people and creatures not controlled by a single player throughout the game’s duration but rather simulated in order to create life-like environments where real-time decision making.

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