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Valve’s Steam Deck: All You Need to Know

We all know Valve, the company that has been in the PC gaming scene for over 20 years.

They have just announced their first device called Steam Deck and it’s a handheld gaming device or should I say a handheld PC. (

It looks like an Xbox One controller with steam branding on it and can run steam games so you don’t need to be at your computer to play them anymore. best open world survival game, The interesting thing about this is that they’re not tied to any one console which means they’ll have more freedom than Sony or Microsoft when making decisions about the future of steam devices.

Valve has made a move to be more involved in the gaming world, and now they’ve announced their Steam Deck. They’re not your average company though-they make some of the most popular games on PC, like Portal 2. The console will run Windows 10 with an Intel Core i7 processor under its hood so you can game wherever you want without sacrificing power or performance speed!

Valve released their first official news about this new device that’s set for release early next year: it’ll have all sorts of specs such as Windows 10 installed along with other high end components inside (Intel Core i7). Pretty cool huh?


The Steam Deck runs on 4 core AMD ZEN 2 CPU 8 threads and 8threads RDNA 2 GPU (up to 1.6 TFlops FP32). The device can be compared to an Xbox Series S in terms of performance as they share a similar specifications.


The Steam Deck is a new gaming console that has 16GB of RAM and 3 variations, coming with 256/512 GB or storage.

Models and prices:

The new Nvme PCI drives in the later models will lead to faster game load times, but for those who are less concerned with loading speeds and want a better screen than their base model can provide, there is always an anti-glare option.


The device has a 7 inch screen and is capable of 720p resolution. The LED display can also function as an ambient light sensor, with 60Hz maximum refresh rate.


The battery lasts up to 2-8 hours on a single charge. The length of time it takes for the battery to drain is contingent upon the games you’re playing, the UI design you prefer, and other factors like screen brightness.

Operating System:

Steam Deck runs on the brand new version of Steam OS and has a primary operating system of Linux.


The design of the steam console is not anything too new and exciting, holding true to what a handheld gaming device already has.

Nintendo was always known for their creativity, and now they have really outdone themselves. The new version of the Switch has added a 3.5 mm audio jack to be compatible with external speakers or headphones without having to purchase one separately! They also seem to have included an option button that controls what appears on the screen, as well as volume control buttons so you can adjust your sound preferences just how you like them – all in order make gaming sessions more enjoyable than ever before!

When it is connected via a Type C cable to either a monitor or to a docking station, the Steam Deck will mirror Windows. The device runs on Linux OS so it can do anything any computer would be able to from adjusting graphics of games to playing titles on Xbox Gamepass and Epic Games.

A separate dock will be coming soon especially for the Steam Dock. Prices have not been announced, but it will not support cellular data or upgrades to hardware such as ram and GPU.

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