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The Top Five Survival Games for PC

It’s hard to find new games these days, but we’ve done some research and found five survival games for PC that you should definitely play! All of the games on this list have been released some time back, but they are worth a try.

Check out our top 5 new survival games below!

Top 5 survival games for PC:

Dead Maze

Dead Maze is a new open world survival game where you play as an average citizen of the small town of Sedgwick, which has been taken over by zombies. You’ll need to scavenge for supplies and fight off hordes of undead if you want any chance at surviving this new zombie apocalypse!

The Walking Mind

The Walking Mind is a new experimental horror title that’s very different from most other games on this list. In it, players will explore bizarre worlds created entirely in their own mind – there are no set objectives or pre-set encounters in these strange new worlds.

Players must literally walk through each environment while exploring them intuitively with their hands (using VR headsets) to find clues about what happened out in the real world.

The Dark Room

The indie horror game from Campo Santo, creators of Firewatch and In the Valley of Gods, is called “The Dark Room.”

It’s a new take on classic survival games: instead of trying to survive against monsters in an open world area, players will need to explore and solve puzzles as they search for their missing daughter through a dark basement full of strange drawings sketched by children.

Dying Light Drowned World Edition

Dying Light was one of 2015’s best zombie video games – it offered fast paced gameplay with interesting story twists while also providing zombies that could chase you down if you’re not careful enough! This new edition comes complete with all DLC and new content, as well as a new underwater exploration chapter.


A early access game from System Era Softworks, Astroneer is an exploratory adventure where you’ll need to use your astronaut’s suit and thrusters to explore procedurally generated planets in outer space – all the while crafting and upgrading tools for survival on this alien planet.

It features gameplay with rogue-lite elements that make it difficult but never unfair.

If you looking for something new and fresh, something that will challenge your survival skills then checkout the upcoming survival games, offering a range of new challenges and modes, unlike you have ever seen before!

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