Are the calories in chimichanga – beef make it an unhealthy beef option?

Fortunately, our generation has realised the importance eating good and maintaining a decent diet. But the stigma of not knowing enough or that it might  make a hole in your pocket to transform your diet, has kept many from achieving the true potential of their bodies. Do not worry we are here to remove all […]

Is Hormel Beef Tamales a healthy option?

What comes to your mind when you hear Mexican food? Or maybe your favourite Mexican snack to curb your sudden hunger. Yes, the answer is tacos or maybe a burrito or some other food from the Mexican range! It has gained wide spread popularity and has a huge reach amongst people all over the world. […]

Is Protein Cookie – Snickerdoodle the best protein cookie?

Are you a fitness enthusiast and your daily protein intake is very important for you? Then look no further, Protein Cookies is definitely the way to go! One of most frustrating things while you are trying your best to maintain a good healthy diet, is not hitting your daily protein dose. After eating several eggs […]

Is Subway – Chicken Caesar Wrap good for you?

Our generation might be considered dysfunctional, but we truly cherish our snacks. Be it the roadside burger or the expensive meatball wrap, we look forward to having our favourite snack. And one fast food company which has quite successfully captured our attention is Subway! It’s been around for decades and has outlets all over the […]

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